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Sign&Go provides easy to use web environment to manage corporate e-mail signatures within company. More than 260B e-mail sent and received everyday across globe which means e-mails are most broad digital marketing ecosystem to reflect corporate identity.  
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Centralized E-mail Signature Management

Manage your corporate identity with simple web platform across your organization by distibuting standardized e-mail signatures

Easy to Use Rich Design Editor

Simple Word editor to complex html based design options for HR and Marketing departments.

Digital Marketing Opportunity

Publish unique e-mail signatures for special campaign periods.

Organize Signatures by Groups

Unlimited Signature Support for user, department, domain and custom attribute based for your needs.

Global scale Cloud Architecture

Easy to sync with Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Active Directory

Web Based Client Support

Outlook Desktop Client, Outlook Web App (OWA) and OWA for Mobile Device support

Stay up to date and manage easy

How could you be sure that employees are using the same and current e-mail signatures? Are you tired of organizing e-mail signatures each time a new employee onboarded to your company or role of an employee or just a telephone number changed? You can solve all of the management problems with Sign&Go without any additional infrastructure investment. Just need one click to start with pay-as-you-go model.

Start managing your e-mail signatures. Choose your employees, create your signature designs and reflect your corporate identity.

 Update hundreds of e-mail signatures for your employees with just one click.

Establishment anniversaries, award ceremonies, product launch and every important moment can be shared with part of your e-mail instantly.

E-mail signatures can be distributed to each employee by departments, users or locations like categories with simple grouping functionality.


Start using Sign&Go with few simple steps.

Everything you need is inside one place, employees, groups, company branded signatures and the dynamic team of our support.

Fill the request form

Click the link in our welcome e-mail to activate your account

Create your e-mail signature, sync your users and group them if you want.

Distribute Sign&Go across your company. 

Read our technical blog for quick start and reach deep dive information about Sign&Go.

Pricing Table

0-300 User

$ 1.00

per user


300-1000 User Top Selling

$ 0.75

per user


1000+ User

$ 0.50

per user



How to design e-mail signature in Sign&Go

E-mail signatures can be designed without any html knowledge with the help of Sign&Go rich online editor. Signatures can also designed in Microsoft Word and copied back into Sign&Go as a simple solution. In order to need any custom development by using front-end development including HTML/CSS, Sign&Go signature editor supports also front-end development. You can read quick tips for custom development in here.

Is Sign&Go supports multi e-mail signature for clients?

Yes, Sign&Go supports unlimited number of signature as saved templates and each one can be assigned seperately. For instance you can prepare different email signature design in different languages for globbally distrbuted locations, and users can easily choose within templates

Can signatures be added to messages sent as plain text?

You may use an email client or mobile device which sends messages as plain text. Sign&Go can append a signature in this case. Please ensure that you fill the basic signature in the web administration panel.

How many group and signatures can be created?

You can create unlimited number of signatures and then match the user groups that you create with the signatures you choose. 

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