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You can find thousands of tools or websittes on the web to design a professional email signature. However, after you prepare these signatures, you may face with very big problems when you start using these email signatures in your email client. Some of these problems are; signature quality löse, may be due to wrong and incorrect HTML tags indicating that your signature is corrupted on other clients.

You may have designed your email signature to best suit you. However, if you can not keep your signature up to date along with all other users, and you can not ensure that all users have the same signature, then you are not using your power of email signature correctly. With Sign & Go email signature solution, you can design your corporate signatures in a single platform and all users can get this signature in seconds. You can also add your email signatures exclaimer with Sign & Go professional signature solution.

You can easily generate, add email signature templates that your design for use in your email signatures . By using Sign & Go email signage administration panel you can copy and paste a signature from a Word Document file or via the HTML editor.

Since Sign & Go is a cloud solution, no server setup or extra application are needed. The only thing you need is to install the simple Sign & Go installation package on your computer! With monthly and annual payment plans, you can start as soon as you buy a license to your needs.

Sign & Go perfectly works with Office 365 Cloud, Google Suite and all other platforms.

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