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First impressions are always important, but the last impression you leave in the mind is much more important. People remember you with the last impression you’ve made and consider accordingly. In our daily life, WhatsApp has been already one of the indispensable tools for written communication, but in work-professional life emails are still standing there!

When it comes to email, it seems to be one of the easiest way to communicate in writing, but today we can say that this has changed a lot. Normally, email signatures are simple and contains information about only the sender, such as corporate and title information. But now your signature signifies who you are. The signature represents the company along with you work with as well as you represent it. Nowadays email signatures has become a place of information where you can use for your corporate identity, where the company’s successed, winning awards, social media accounts, and even current live discounts, products and campaigns.Considering the fact that more than 300 billion e-mails are sent each day, we need to keep in mind how serious the signate of email. In other words, being in the right place in such a large area can be a secret marketing weapon, as well as representing the company you are working with the best, when the right methods are applied.

Microsoft Office 365 Email Signature For All Users

If you are using the Microsoft Office 365 solutions as an email service, you can ensure that all users can have a standard and professional signature design with Sign & Go from a single point management without disturbing your users. In addition to standart and common signatures, custom email signatures for departments are also possible! Yyou can quickly and easily create custom signatures for all of your users in minutes by using Office Word and start using your corporate signature immediately! Corporate email signatures are easy and simple as that prepared with Sign & Go. Generated signatures can be used without any problems with Outlook as well as in case of sending email via mobile and browser.

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